Aylesbury Vale Area

Biodiversity Accounting Supplementary Planning Document

Ended on the 19 March 2021
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2.0 Planning Policies and Supplementary Planning Document Guidance

2.1 This Supplementary Planning Document is underpinned by national and local policies and strategies including:


  • National Planning Policy Framework;
  • Planning Practice Guidance;
  • Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act (2006): Biodiversity Duty;
  • HM Government's 'A Green Future: Our 25 Year Plan to Improve the Environment' (2018); and
  • The forthcoming Environment Act (likely to be enacted winter 2021) – building on the Environment Bill (2019).


Local Plan

Policy Reference

The policies are reproduced in full in Appendix 1

Chiltern Core Strategy 2011

Policy CS24: Biodiversity

South Bucks Core Strategy 2011

Core Policy 9: Natural Environment

Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan 2013-2033

NE1: Biodiversity and Geodiversity (once adopted)

Wycombe Local Plan 2019

Policy CP7: Delivering the Infrastructure to Support Growth

Policy CP10: Green Infrastructure and the Natural Environment

DM34: Delivering Green Infrastructure and Biodiversity in Development

Delivery and Site Allocations Plan for Town Centres and Managing Development 2013

DM14: Biodiversity in Development

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