Aylesbury Vale Area

Biodiversity Accounting Supplementary Planning Document

Ended on the 19 March 2021
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3.0 Professional Guidance

3.1 In 2016, the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM), the Construction Industry Research and Information Association (CIRIA) and the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) jointly produced Biodiversity Net Gain: Good practice principles for development (see Exemplification 2 below). This document defines Biodiversity Net Gain: 'Biodiversity Net Gain is development that leaves biodiversity in a better state than before. It is also an approach where developers work with local governments, wildlife groups, land owners and other stakeholders in order to support their priorities for nature conservation.'

Exemplification 2: principles for development

In total, ten principles have been established:

Principle 1. Apply the Mitigation Hierarchy

Principle 2. Avoid losing biodiversity that cannot be offset by gains elsewhere

Principle 3. Be inclusive and equitable

Principle 4. Address risks

Principle 5. Make a measurable Net Gain contribution

Principle 6 Achieve the best outcomes for biodiversity

Principle 7. Be additional

Principle 8. Create a Net Gain legacy

Principle 9. Optimise sustainability

Principle 10. Be transparent

3.2 This Supplementary Planning Document follows this good practice guidance, ensuring that development within Buckinghamshire delivers measurable Biodiversity Net Gain. A British Standard for Biodiversity Net Gain (BS 8683 Process for designing and implementing Biodiversity Net Gain) is currently in progress (British Standards Institute). This will provide the expected standard that developers must meet in order to claim that their development will deliver Biodiversity Net Gain. Once released, the Council will expect developments to comply with this standard.

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