Aylesbury Vale Area

Biodiversity Accounting Supplementary Planning Document

Ended on the 19 March 2021
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4.0 The Biodiversity Accounting Tool

4.1 Delivering Biodiversity Net Gain will be mandated for proposed developments within the scope of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990. This includes the construction and extension or alteration of buildings and structures for any use - including: commercial; industrial; institutional; leisure; and housing or other accommodation, where permission from the council is required.

4.2 This supplementary planning document applies to all major and minor applications other than the following exemptions currently advocated by the Government:

  • permitted development;
  • householder development, including extensions;
  • nationally significant infrastructure, which falls within the scope of the Planning Act 2008;
  • some brownfield sites with marginal viability and substantial constraints. It is expected that full details will be set out in secondary legislation, but considerations are likely to include where sites contain a high proportion of derelict land and buildings and only a small percentage of the site is undeveloped, or land values are significantly lower than average, and the site does not contain any protected habitats; and
  • developments that would result in negligible loss or degradation of habitat, for instance change of use of, or alterations to, buildings.

4.3 The council will follow these exemptions, until such time as exemptions are set out in primary or secondary legislation, at which point those exemptions will be followed.

4.4 The delivery of Biodiversity Net Gain involves the use of a Biodiversity Accounting Tool, which is used to undertake a Biodiversity Impact Assessment to calculate the units of biodiversity gained or lost as a result of development on a site. All development proposals that trigger the use of the Biodiversity Accounting Tool will need to be supported by a Biodiversity Impact Assessment, indicating whether the result overall is positive (gain), negative (loss) or neutral.

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