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VALP Proposed Submission

Ended on the 14 December 2017
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Shaping the Vale's future

This is an important time for Aylesbury Vale, which like many places across the country will see significant development over the next two decades. Between now and 2033 more than 27,000 homes are set to be built within this area through this Plan. As well as additional housing, we're confident this growth will bring more investment, employment and opportunity, helping the district to thrive. 

When it's finalised the Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan will manage and direct this growth up until 2033 in a way that will protect what makes the district a special place. It contains some exciting proposals such as the development of Aylesbury as a Garden Town, which will provide sustainable growth in a way that works with Aylesbury's rural setting, and the redevelopment of Halton Camp. Following three phases of public consultation this is the version of the Plan which the Council believes will build on the vibrant community we already have and play a significant part in the district's bright future.

Wherever possible we have responded positively to the many comments we received last year on the draft Plan. The forthcoming examination will determine whether our Plan is sound and can be put into effect. We hope people will be able to support its content wherever possible.

As well as the Plan itself there are a range of evidence documents that sit behind it. These are all available on the Council's website. Much of what you will see in this document relies on the content of that evidence and we expect people to comment on those as well. The examination will also consider whether the evidence reaches the required standards.

Residents and other interested parties will have six weeks to look at this document and give their formal responses to the Plan's contents and the supporting evidence. We will then submit the Plan with the evidence and all the representations so it can be subject to independent public examination. It is hoped that we will be able to deliver an adopted Plan at the end of this process that will allow us direct future development to the best locations and ensure it is the kind of development we want.

The way the process works means that the council cannot amend the Plan once it has been submitted. Please ensure that you take the opportunity to tell us what you want in preference to the current content of this Plan.  The independent inspector can propose changes to the Plan, if your comments are agreed with. The inspector's conclusions will be binding on the Council.

Please take this last opportunity to play your part in the development of our new Plan!

Thanks in advance for your participation.


Cllr Carole Paternoster
Cabinet Member for Growth Strategy

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