Aylesbury Vale Area

VALP Further Main Modifications

Ended on the 9 February 2021
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This consultation relates to the following Proposed Further Main Modifications to the Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan (VALP). These changes are mostly in addition to those proposed in the Main Modifications consultation in 2019 but there are a small number of changes where a Further Main Modification amends the change to VALP suggested in a Main Modification.

The proposed Further Main Modifications are referenced with ‘FMM’ numbers and are set out in Plan order. We have also included the previous ‘MM’ number reference if that section of the Plan was included in the 2019 Main Modifications consultation.

The Further Main Modifications are listed under the VALP chapters and the page, paragraph and policy numbers refer to the ones in the tracked change ‘VALP as proposed to be modified (October 2019)’.  Please note the tracked changed version linked does not include the Further Main Modifications and is for reference only.

The modifications are set out in the following format:

FMM reference

FMM reference (further main modification)

MM reference

Previous MM reference from Main Modifications 2019 (if applicable)


Page number (from VALP as Proposed to be Modified October 2019)


Section/Para (VALP as Proposed to be Modified October 2019)

Original text

Original text (from VALP Main Modifications 2019)

Proposed further changes

Proposed further changes (deleted text shown with red ‘DELETE’ tag, additions of text shown with green ‘INSERT’ tag and instructions for modifications written in italics)

Reason for change

Reason for change given as 'Proposed change in response to representation(s)' and/ or 'Officer recommended change'.

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