Aylesbury Vale Area


VALP Main Modifications

Representation ID: 2811

Received: 13/12/2019

Respondent: Mr Graham Chance

Legally compliant? Yes

Sound? No

Representation Summary:

Density in character of all ages/abilities for the Parish
Severe lack of green space/play area for a wider community,to include St Johns,Whitechurch
Beacon Close
Recognise Opportunity to include Mature Trees (reg'd TPO's) Flora & Fauna,reducing carbon dioxide
Reduction in biodiversity, water dispersion
Create negative effect on limited road parking
& neighbourhood relations
No amenities/services thereby increasing Extra Traffic
In Creslow away & A418 .C02's

Change suggested by respondent:

Retain Character & Cohesion
Implement original plan for 10 homes
mix for all ages/abilities/needs
Develop Green space/play area,/allotment
Retain bio diversity,uphold Trees TPO's
For total community incl .St Johns +
Hedgerows ,Flora & fauna
Reduce traffic numbers + C02's usage, as no local amenities, services to accommodate. The new entrance will remove 20% current parking
Which is already presenting issues
Retain good social & neighbourhood spirit
Minimise build to allow for water dispersal and minimise lying water/flooding already effecting parts of Creslow Way
Pressure on dated Sewage network

Full text:

I Object to the proposal to build 26 houses verses '10' which is in harmony with the Parish Strategy & community needs
Density excessive & not in character of existing neighbourhood
*. No Green space/play allocated. Mature Copper Beech & Scots pine trees (reg'd TPO's ) * Ideal for the health, enjoyment & benefit for community
Reduction in biodiversity,habitats,Flora & Fauna
*. The land is a natural environment for the dispersion of water drainage
* Already effects properties bordering the land identified
Excessive Road Traffic (based on 2 vehicles per build) via (one entry/exit point) already with safety concerns owing to lack of parking & design of Creslow Way
Reduced Road parking already under pressure as 5 cul-de-sacs use Creslow Way.
The new Junction would reduce parking by 20% thereby creating conflict in the neighbourhood, when Visitors,Trade seek parking areas.
The proposal does not consider 'All ages, abilities, needs