Aylesbury Vale Area


VALP Main Modifications

Representation ID: 2855

Received: 02/12/2019

Respondent: Miss Emily Pryke

Legally compliant? No

Sound? No

Representation Summary:

The changes made to HELAA v4 were not informed by the consultation during summer 2016, and the lack of consultation with Maids Moreton PC breaches NPPF 155 and PPG 3-008. Extending the site in MM101, and the allocation of site MMO006, are both not legally and procedurally compliant, and are unsound because they are not in line with National Policy

Change suggested by respondent:

MM101 must be retracted, and site MMO006 must be deleted from the VALP in order to ensure the VALP is sound and legally compliant.

Full text:

MM101 extends site MMO006 from 7.7 hectares to 8.8 hectares, and the proposed changes add the words 'at least' 170 houses, potentially increasing the size of the development.

In his Interim Findings, the Inspector has not questioned the general soundness of the Council's capacity-led approach to identifying allocations: "...without questioning the general soundness of the Council's capacity-led approach to identifying allocations (which received widespread support)..." (para 41)

There was overwhelming support for the designation of site MMO006 as 'unsuitable for development' in HELAA v3 in the Issues and Options Consultation and so the site was not allocated for development in the Draft VALP published for consultation during summer 2016.

HELAA v4 appendix 2 states: "During summer 2016, further comments were received, this time on the HELAA v3 report and these informed the preparation of HELAA v4"

However, contrary to the summer 2016 consultation HELAA v4 re-designated this site as 'suitable' for development so the allocation is not in line with the Inspector's assertion in para 41 of his Interim Findings that the capacity-let approach to identifying allocations has received widespread support. In fact, there has been a large number of objections to the allocation of site MMO006 which have never been addressed by AVDC due to AVDC's assertion during the VALP Examination that they were going to delete the site from the VALP.

In addition, AVDC did not inform or consult with the Maids Moreton Parish Council which is contrary to NPPF para 155 and PPG para 3-008

The allocation of site MMO006 and the proposed modifications to extend this site are informed by evidence that is not legally and procedurally compliant and unsound.