Aylesbury Vale Area


VALP Main Modifications

Representation ID: 2990

Received: 12/12/2019

Respondent: Arnold White Estates

Agent: Arrow Planning Ltd

Legally compliant? Yes

Sound? No

Representation Summary:

MM070 There is a new Policy D2 'Delivering site allocations in the rest of the district' on
p124 of the modified Plan. MM080 This refers also to a different Policy D2 which is actually
Policy D3 in the Modified Plan.
The apparent exclusion of 'agricultural buildings' from being converted (or developed) to
residential is contrary to the GDPO Class Q (15.4.15) which allows conversion up to 5 units
in former agricultural buildings.

Change suggested by respondent:

D3 Proposals for non-allocated sites at strategic settlements, larger villages and medium villages
The * qualifying c. should read
*The existing developed footprint is defined as the continuous built form of the village, and generally excludes
remote individual buildings and groups of dispersed buildings. The exclusion covers former agricultural barns
that have been converted, agricultural buildings (but does not preclude permitted development for
converting agricultural buildings to residential - GDPO Class Q 15.4.15) and associated land on the edge of
the village and gardens, paddocks and other undeveloped land within the curtilage of buildings on the edge of
the settlement where the land relates more to the surrounding countryside than to the built-up area of the

Full text:

On behalf of my client Arnold White Estates Ltd I attach our representations on the forms provided. I draw your attention to the difficulty I have found in making these submissions. The Schedule of Modifications does not show the relevant page numbers in the Plan as proposed to be modified, which means cross-referencing is very difficult. For example, in the Modifications Schedule MM027 shows a modification to para 4.7 at p62. The Modified Plan shows this as para 4.9 at p67. The Modification Schedule and the Modified Plan should have the same page and paragraph numbers. Also, for example, there are two Policies D2. In the forms I have sought to group linked Main Modifications on one form where a combined response is then provided. Where necessary I have inserted a blank page to accommodate text that would not fit within the box provided. I trust all of my text will be captured.