Aylesbury Vale Area


VALP Main Modifications

Representation ID: 3029

Received: 13/12/2019

Respondent: Mr David Froggatt

Legally compliant? No

Sound? No

Representation Summary:

Shenley Park (SP) was not included in the 2017 proposed submission version of VALP, so Whaddon PC and residents have been completely denied the opportunity to properly debate and cross-examing AVDC's decision to chose SP over the two competing sites. It is unfair and unjust not to allow detailed comparison testing between the three competing sites.
Government requires that adjoining authorities have a duty to co-operates when considering significant strategic cross-boundary housing allocations. AVDC have paid lip service to this, but have not addressed this through effective discussion or joint working.

Change suggested by respondent:

It is illogical and completely unnecessary to expand the MK City boundary into Shenley Park. Why cross a strong defensible bridleway boundary such as the heavily wooded/hedged North Bucks Way into beautiful and much valued open sunspoilt countryside, when there are two more appropriate, and easier to develop, alternative sites available at Salden Chase and particularly Eaton Leys.

Full text:

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