Aylesbury Vale Area


VALP Main Modifications

Representation ID: 3035

Received: 15/12/2019

Respondent: Mr Steven Kennell

Legally compliant? No

Sound? No

Representation Summary:

The proposal:
- lacks adequate parking provision and will result in more on-street parking where it is unsafe
- will see too much pressure on a narrow single access/egress road
- has density of housing not in keeping with the area
- lacks green space
- puts at risk trees under TPOs

Change suggested by respondent:

Revert to the original AVDC approved proposal for a maximum of 10 dwellings.

Full text:

The proposed increase in the number of dwellings that will be allowed on this site from 10 to a minimum of 26 should be reversed. The latter number would see a substantial increase in housing on Creslow Way - currently 46 dwellings - along with attendant increased traffic movements and parking pressures whilst the single access/egress road on Creslow Way is a narrow one already seeing much on-street parking with a need for motorists to drive on the wrong side of the road as a result, detrimental to highway safety. The proposal does not include adequate parking for the new 26 dwellings within the site, whilst it does advocate a level of housing density not in keeping with the existing layout of the street. The building work will put at risk trees protected by TPOs and the proposal also lacks adequate provision for green areas.