Aylesbury Vale Area


VALP Main Modifications

Representation ID: 3168

Received: 17/12/2019

Respondent: Mrs Zoe Ryder

Legally compliant? No

Sound? No

Representation Summary:

The impact on Whaddon village has not been properly assessed, particularly in respect of traffic on the A421 and through the village. Infrastructure, Environmental and Landscape issues make the proposal unrealistic.

Change suggested by respondent:

Shenley Park should be removed and consideration given to other more suitable sites, possibly close to larger towns in AV with better infrastructure and positive economic advantage.

Full text:

The sudden, recent inclusion of Shenley Park in VALP is inexplicable, bearing in mind the obvious associated problems, particularly in regard to traffic. I was born and brought up in Whaddon, am a frequent visitor and still live in Aylesbury Vale so Iam constantly aware of the congestion problems both on the A421 and through the village (particularly at rush hours and school arrival/departure times, when there can be gridlock). Whaddon, is a historic village within conservation area and I am staggered at the environmental and hazardous impact this wiwilly-nilly, ill-considered plan proposes. Surely infrastructure issues should be clear be clear before lines are drawn on maps.