Aylesbury Vale Area


VALP Main Modifications

Representation ID: 3498

Received: 09/01/2020

Respondent: Barratt Homes

Agent: Graham Bloomfield

Legally compliant? No

Sound? No

Representation Summary:

The representations recommend that in order to support references to North East Aylesbury Vale introduced as a result of proposed Modifications it is necessary to recognise the wider strategic priorities of this part of the plan area (e.g. as a result of East-West rail). The proposed Modifications fail to reflect a wider vision for the North East Aylesbury Vale part of the plan area, and in-fact seek to introduce additional protections that would prevent this being achieved in future.

Change suggested by respondent:

Insert before the Policy Text for Policy D2:
The North East Aylesbury Vale component of the spatial strategy supports the plan's strategic priorities including the delivery of East-West Rail and seeking to manage and reduce commuting flows. Growth in North East Aylesbury Vale will be managed to conserve and enhance the character and identity of individual settlements and sustain their role in the settlement hierarchy, including as part of a landscape-led approach. The overall vision for North East Aylesbury Vale positively supports opportunities that complement anticipated future changes in land use (including infrastructure corridors) and assist in meeting local priorities for sustainable development, including the delivery of community infrastructure and sustainable transport links.

Full text:

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