Aylesbury Vale Area


VALP Main Modifications

Representation ID: 3500

Received: 09/01/2020

Respondent: Barratt Homes

Agent: Graham Bloomfield

Legally compliant? Not specified

Sound? No

Representation Summary:

Policy S3 (and the definition at footnote 7 and 8) states that regard should be had to any perceived further coalescence between settlements. It is important that a flexible approach is adopted towards these requirements, particularly where the VALP itself does not provide a longer-term vision for North East Aylesbury Vale.
Unsound policy restrictions on future development in relation to coalescence should therefore be avoided. References to 'further' and 'perceived' coalescence in Policy S3 and footnote 7/8 should therefore be omitted to enable consideration on a site-by-site basis, as demonstrated for the strategic opportunity at Park Manor.

Change suggested by respondent:

MM013 (proposed changes in bold):
Part of the character of Aylesbury Vale is the distribution of settlements with individual identities. Settlement identity therefore needs to be protected to retain this important element in the area's character. The Council will therefore seek to preserve prevent the character and identities of neighbouring settlements or communities being degraded by development that would negatively affect their individual identities. To further protect the area's character the Council council will endorse a landscape-led approach to supporting development that conserves and enhances the settlement pattern and also resist development that would compromise the open character of the countryside between settlements, especially where the gaps between them are already small

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