Aylesbury Vale Area


VALP Main Modifications

Representation ID: 3523

Received: 13/11/2019

Respondent: Mr Brian Thompson

Legally compliant? Not specified

Sound? Not specified

Representation Summary:

Inappropriate hints about lifting the Green Belt still remain in the plan (3.32 & 4.132) and should be deleted as per the Inspector's requirement.
RAF Halton is in Halton not Wendover and the plan should not say otherwise.
The proposed development is 1.4km to 2km from Wendover which is too far for walking to be practical so references to walking to Wendover from the site should be deleted.

Change suggested by respondent:

Hints about lifting the Green Belt (3.32 & 4.132) should be deleted.
RAF Halton is in Halton not Wendover and the plan should not say otherwise.
References to walking to Wendover from the site should be deleted.

Full text:

I have reviewed the Modified VALP with regard to the development at Halton and I have the following comments to make.

Pleased to see the revised wording in the VALP on protecting heritage and the existing sports facilities. There are still some errors that need correcting to make the plan sound.

 Hints about lifting the Green Belt at Halton. At the inspection hearing the developers made many comments that having hints that the green belt status of the land may be removed in the future would raise questions about its soundness. Their rationale was that developers would just landbank(not build any houses on) the land in the hope it was lifted and they could maximise their profit. AVDC agreed to remove all hints and innuendo's that the green belt status will be lifted in the next plan or subsequent plans.
This has not happened, and these hints should be removed. 3.32 'Whilst there are arguments for releasing the RAF Halton site, because of the change in circumstances and the future work to be done around how the site is developed after its closure, it is considered premature to release from the Green Belt.' This implies that its removal will happen in the future, I suggest the words in bold are deleted. 4.132 'Therefore it is considered that redevelopment and/or refurbishment of existing buildings in the first phase of development would be appropriate and not require that the site be removed from the Green Belt at this stage.' I suggest the bold words are deleted.
 The implication that the development on the RAF Camp is in Wendover' The implication that the developments at RAF Halton are to become a residential suburb of Wendover is factually wrong, could result in bad planning decisions and may lead to a lack of proper garden village infrastructure.. While the parish of Halton abuts the parish of Wendover this does not justify this contention. As the land being disposed of by the DIO surrounds Halton Village and is all in the parish of Halton The facts do not support this stance. It appears that the planners are ignoring the facts in order to justify Wendover's position. In para S2. e Wendover will accommodate around 1,132 new homes with 1,000 new homes at Halton Camp which is now confirmed to be closing in 2022 recognising the sustainability of Wendover and the railway station. I would suggest this is replaced by the following sentence: Wendover will accommodate 132 new homes and Halton will provide around 1000 new homes at the RAF Camp which is now confirmed to start being drawn down in 2022. 4.128 because it is in reasonable walking and cycling distance of Wendover's services and facilities, it is appropriate that it be redeveloped for housing and other associated uses.
Lying on the Wendover side of the boundary between Halton and Wendover parishes is the Princess Marygate development on the site of the old RAF hospital site. This development is at a minimum 150m closer to Wendover than any new homes delivered on the RAF Halton site could be. The inspector when reviewing the Princess Marygate development stated in Part 2 of his report para 8.1.26 The former hospital site is some 1.25 km from the centre of Wendover. Although within walking distance for most pedestrian trips, I fear the site may be beyond a reasonable limit for many residents wishing to make a return journeys especially the elderly, those with children or those returning with heavy shopping.. The RAF site itself where homes will be developed range from 150m to over a kilometre further away from the Princess Marygate development and are between 1.4km and 2.kms from the centre of Wendover with an even more hilly walk. I would suggest the words 'walking and ' are deleted as they are factually wrong.