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VALP Main Modifications

Representation ID: 3604

Received: 16/12/2019

Respondent: Hambledon Land

Agent: Turley Associates

Legally compliant? Not specified

Sound? Not specified

Representation Summary:

It is clear from MM166 that the Council relies on broad locations to meet the remaining requirement for C2 older persons' accommodation to 2033. The new text states that there is insufficient evidence to support allocations at this time. However, we consider that in reality, there is insufficient evidence to justify any form of claim that these broad locations are capable of providing the remaining requirement (compounded by the fact that the sites identified to 2023 will delivery significantly fewer units than the Council expects).

Change suggested by respondent:

Allocate further sites to meet C2 requirement

Full text:

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VALP Main Modifications

Representation ID: 3650

Received: 17/12/2019

Respondent: Gladman Developments Ltd

Representation Summary:

supportive of the VALP providing a policy specifically dedicated to
ensuring the provision of housing to meet the needs of older people. Policy H6b provides a
positive policy framework to ensure that the specialist housing needs of older people within the
District are met across the plan period

Full text:

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