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VALP Main Modifications

Representation ID: 2968

Received: 12/12/2019

Respondent: Buckingham Town Council

Representation Summary:

BTC welcomes this detailed guidance.

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BTC welcomes this detailed guidance.


VALP Main Modifications

Representation ID: 3434

Received: 17/01/2020

Respondent: Wendover Parish Council

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C3 - Uses of natural resources highlights renewable energy and the current issues with water supply and sewage (new reservoirs required?).

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VALP Main Modifications consultation
Response from Wendover Parish Council

The Wendover Parish council have the following comments with regard to the main VALP modifications:
We are pleased to note that:
Much of the VALP remains unchanged for Wendover in that the 132 houses in Wendover have been completed and there are still 1000 in Halton for this plan. There are points we have considered that are the important features of the modifications which have a bearing on Wendover.
WPC are encouraged and in particular support the following points:
 S3 which gives more protection against coalescence and retention of individuality of settlements.

 D-Hal 003 - Where Halton the Sports and Heritage sites are to be retained (p143) and 50% green infrastructure has been specified (p145)

 D7 / E5- Promotes support for local centres (considers effects of out of town shopping etc to be detrimental)

 D8 - Aylesbury Town Centre action plan which details how to improve it in a positive manner (p181)

 H4 - Considers replacement dwellings in the countryside will be permitted if the same size as before, but not bigger

 H6b - Considers Care needs and that the definitions have been revised and are generally good (p206)

 T5 - Vehicle parking has been updated removing small garages as spaces as it is recognised that they are often used for storage not cars! (p246)

 T7 - Refers to electric charging points, at least one per new house, 10% of bays for flats. Employment sites and long stay points to be provided, 1 per 25 spaces, and charging times/ wattage are specified (p250)

 BE4, section9 - more weight is given to protecting these.

 NE1 - Protected sites has given biodiversity more weight and is more specific which is to be encouraged (p266)

 NE4 - AONB is more protected

 NE5 - Landscape - visual impact to be minimised, avoid loss of important views, noise effects etc

 NE7 - Specifies the importance of agricultural land of quality 1, 2 and 3a which should be retained.

 NE9 - Trees etc strengthened to refuse developments adjacent, adding buffers and joining up fragmented areas of woodland with new planting.

 C3 - Uses of natural resources highlights renewable energy and the current issues with water supply and sewage (new reservoirs required?).

 C4 /I1- Green infrastructure has been strengthened and is more precise. I1 also considers playing pitches and open spaces following a new assessment in 2017/19 and their importance management and possible need for extra provision. (also I2 & Appendix D)

 I5 - Water resources consultation required for large developments. We are in a water stress area!

 Appendix B - Deals with parking standards which are largely unchanged save for the garage issue.

 p33 - Halton development effects on the Chilterns Beech woods in terms of recreational use and air quality, and Natural England have asked for clarification, but in general are happy with modifications in line with their comments in the previous consultation.

These points are all supported by WPC as they strengthen the case for sensitive developments which consider their affects on the surrounding landscape, facilities and wildlife.

Cllr Sheila Bulpett 16.12.19
(on behalf of Wendover Parish Council)