Aylesbury Vale Area


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VALP Further Main Modifications

Representation ID: 4023

Received: 09/02/2021

Respondent: Pegasus Group (for Revera Limited)

Agent: Pegasus Group (for Revera Limited)

Representation Summary:

FMM009 seeks to increase the total housing growth in Medium Villages – from 1,282 dwellings to 1,423 dwellings. FM009 justifies this increase as being necessary due to an update on the latest housing land supply position.

The proposed increase in housing growth for Medium Villages is fully supported as further growth to Medium Villages will help to meet local housing needs, whilst also supporting local services. These FMM will help to support the implementation of Policy D23 (Proposals for Non-Allocated Sites at Strategic Settlements, Larger Villages and Medium Villages), securing the development of small-scale sites in Medium Villages.

Full text:

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