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VALP Proposed Submission

Representation ID: 2431

Received: 14/12/2017

Respondent: Wendover Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

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Representation Summary:

This policy allows the replacement of dwellings in the countryside on a one for one
We have no comment on these policies (at p 173/5) at this stage but will consider
these as necessary in the work on the WNP.

Full text:

Response to Proposed Submission Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan (VALP) - see attachment for detailed responses on specific parts of the plan.

Overview and Summary

1) The following comments are being made by the Wendover Neighbourhood Plan (WNP) Steering Group (SG) on the proposed submission Vale of
Aylesbury Local Plan (VALP). Please note that extracts from the Plan, or a summary of their contents, are in italics, and our response is in ordinary type.

2) The current position is that the SG is completing the work in researching the
factual data for the WNP and completing its engagement events to ensure all issues are covered. During the first part of 2018 a detailed Questionnaire will be sent to residents and the timetable for the project to produce the WNP has been drawn up with the aim of producing the WNP in late 2019. The SG is an independent group of residents who operate under the auspices of the Parish Council but may take different views on the VALP. The aim of this response is to reflect the views of the SG but also the opinions and priorities of the residents who have given feedback to date, on the issues that concern them. We have sought to include all the main items of feedback to date in our comments, but ongoing research, and our Questionnaire, will undoubtedly throw up other ideas to implement, and concerns to be addressed.

3) The key points we would wish to make are:-

* We welcome the recognition of Wendover's distinctive identity as a settlement in the south of Aylesbury Vale.
* We welcome the adjustment to the draft Green Belt proposals and the limitation of development within the Town which accords with the great majority of views expressed by the public.
* We understand the decision to allocate 1000 or so homes to the brownfield site at RAF Halton: however there is insufficient detail on either the numbers of homes (and the lack of definition is an issue), or their types and tenure and size. The public support a variety of types of affordable homes to meet local needs but have still to be consulted on the mix of provision.
* The public have made it clear that, whilst they support affordable housing of all types, in appropriate locations within the Town, and if necessary at RAF Halton, they have asked that appropriate and sufficient infrastructure is provided at RAF Halton to include new, or expanded, health, and schools provision, the maintenance and expansion of sports and leisure facilities, the appropriate retention and development of heritage assets, and the provision of a range of jobs closely connected to the new housing provision and appropriate to the labour market needs. The SG must reflect this in its development of the WNP.
* The proposed development at RAF Halton will have a close and intimate impact on Wendover and we have concerns about the policies which have yet to be developed for the provision of employment land, and the maintenance and enhancement of the shopping centre in Wendover
* Transport issues have been raised in many responses. Parking is considered a vital local issue for the Town centre businesses and we do not feel that this has been adequately addressed; in terms of the existing network, the impact of the new proposed homes will impose too great a strain, without a range of highway improvements and safety measures, as well as provision for enhanced public transport (range and availability of bus services) and trains (capacity).
* Details of the Garden Town and proposed expansion of Aylesbury has repercussions for the surrounding area but is insufficiently addressed - we had understood there would be a consultation on this issue in the Autumn of 2017 but this is awaited.
* The impacts of HS2 will be significant yet there are few details known at this stage of the mitigation impacts. Given its effects on residents business and workers in the Town we are anxious to know more given the longer term impact on the whole community.
* We welcome the principle of sustainability underlying the whole plan and feel all measures to meet the challenge of climate change should be taken.

4) The community of Wendover is faced with unique difficulties in addressing the VALP response. The impact of development proposed at RAF Halton will affect it significantly, yet no details of the proposed settlement plan (described as a Masterplan in some documents) are yet available. RAF Halton is not within the Parish of Wendover, nor does it appear to be covered in the Halton Neighbourhood Plan. We think it desirable that there are specific proposals in any VALP to ensure there is proper and meaningful debate on the future of the RAF Halton site, and surrounding heritage and green infrastructure, in Halton and Wendover Parishes, so that the public can work together with landowners and the Government to ensure that the ultimate development of the site is for the benefit of the whole community and reflects the contribution of those living and working in the areas.

5) In addition we think that there will be a need for revisions to the VALP as well as a joint Neighbourhood Plan (involving Wendover, Halton, and the MOD) at a later stage of the VALP process to ensure that proper planning principles are adhered to and the full consultation promised is in fact provided.

6) We now comment on specific provisions of the VALP by reference to page and paragraph numbers. We have made some separate comments on the documents included as supporting evidence.