Aylesbury Vale Area


You can use the online consultation system to read documents published by the council and to either respond during a public consultation or view responses made by others on a particular section of consultation documents.

Registering and logging in

In the top right of the page select either 'Login' or 'Register'. They are written in white on the black security bar that runs across the very top of this website, above the Council's banner.

If you are registering a new account, you first need to enter your email address and press ‘Next’. You will then receive an email with an activation code. Once you have entered the code you will be prompted to set a password and then enter your full name, organisation (if applicable) and contact details. If you are an agent, make sure you select the agent option at the top of the personal details page.

If you have previously registered your email address with the Council for local plan updates but have never used the consultation system, you can activate your account by requesting a password using the forgotten password instructions below.

If you don't receive any emails please check your spam or junk folder. 

You only need to register and login if you wish to respond. You can view and search for published responses without registering or logging in. 

I've forgotten my password

Use the forgotten password form, which can also be found by clicking 'Login' and then 'I can't remember my password'. Enter the email address you registered with and then you will receive an email with a password reset link. 

If you don't receive an email please check your spam or junk folder, although if we don't have a record of you we won't email you.

Passwords should contain a mixture of upper and lower case letters as well as numbers and symbols.

My Account

You can access your account settings by clicking ‘My Account’ in the top right of the page after you have logged in. 

In the ‘My Account’ area you can view and amend your contact details and topics of interest. Agents can also view and amend their registered clients. 

You can also view your draft and submitted responses. Responses which have been submitted but have not been reviewed by the Council will show as ‘unprocessed’ and responses which have been reviewed will show as ‘processed’.

How to respond

The current documents open to public consultation will be listed on the homepage. Select one of the documents and then from the contents page, click on the section that you are interested in.

To make a response, click on the comment icon  next to the section that you are interested in and complete the online response form.

You can attach files with supporting documents to your responses. Please note that only Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF and image (JPEG, JPG, PNG and GIF) file types are supported. The maximum file size you can upload is 15MB.

Draft responses

The system will automatically save your response as a draft so you can come back to it if you accidentally click away from the page or need to return at a later time. You can resume your response in two different ways.

  • Go back to the section of the document you were commenting on and click the comment icon. This will open up the response you were working on. If you are not logged in, you will need to enter your details when prompted
  • Go to your ‘My Account’ settings and click on ‘Drafts’ in the right hand orange bar. Select a draft to return to your response

Viewing responses

You can only view responses made by other respondents once we have published them.

Select one of the documents from the Local Plan homepage and then from the contents page, click on the section that you are interested in.

To view the responses, click on the magnifying glass icon  next to the section that you are interested in and a summary of all the responses published will be listed. Click the orange ‘More’ button below each summary to see the full text.

Note that responses are processed and then published by Buckinghamshire Council before publication so responses will not appear here immediately.

Searching for responses

You can only search for comments once we have published them.

Select one of the documents from the Local Plan homepage and click on the orange ‘Search representations’ button to the right of the document title. Enter a keyword in the search bar to find all responses including that word. If you are searching for comments made by a specific organisation, select the organisation name from the list provided. 

For privacy reasons, you cannot search by the name or ID number of individuals to find their responses.

Request help

If you still need more help or have any questions about your responses, please email localplanconsult.av@buckinghamshire.gov.uk.