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VALP Proposed Submission

D3 Housing development at smaller villages

Representation ID: 935

Received: 14/12/2017

Respondent: Barker Parry Town Planning Limited

Representation Summary:

The Policy is welcomed and supported with the qualification that it retains its flexibility.

Full text:


Policy guidance in the NPPF directed at the plan making and decision taking functions of planning recognises the contribution of development in rural areas to the vitality, viability and sustainability of individual settlements and those nearby.

The revisions made to the proposed smaller villages policy since earlier iterations of VALP are generally welcomed and supported. The qualification relates to the fact that in eschewing the proportionate growth previously proposed it is now somewhat a "one size fits all policy".

The inclusion of the flexibility within clause c. is important and should be retained. As was clear from the evidence base underpinning the 2016 iteration of this policy "smaller villages" embraces a variety of settlements throughout the district some of which are also closer to higher order settlements than others. They also differ in size from circa 80 dwellings to over 400 and this is important in judging what level of small scale growth is appropriate. It must be a relative concept as was recognised in previous drafts of this policy.

Another factor which must also be factored into any assessment of what level of growth is acceptable and appropriate is the emerging Oxford-Milton Keynes-Cambridge Growth Corridor. This embraces most of the district, but the proposed reinstatement of the railway line via Winslow and the presence of Silverstone Racing Circuit, and the growth potential recognised and associated with them, is relevant to any consideration of housing proposals particularly in the northern half of the district.

As now drafted D3 largely reflects such considerations and it is supported.

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