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VALP Proposed Submission

S2 Spatial Strategy for Growth

Representation ID: 661

Received: 12/12/2017

Respondent: Claydon Estate

Agent: Strutt and Parker

Legally compliant? Yes

Sound? No

Duty to co-operate? Yes

Representation Summary:

VALP will be out of date soon after it is adopted due to it being blind to progress in bringing forward significant strategic infrastructure, the new method for calculating
housing need, progress in relation to cross boundary planning and the potential of the O2C Corridor.

Full text:

The VALP makes large scale housing allocations to be delivered late in the Plan period, without clarity in relation to strategic infrastructure, particularly transport (HS2, East-West Rail and the Expressway). This infrastructure will or should be delivered within that Plan period and will impact upon and help support these and other housing allocations. There is no detailed consideration in the VALP, or the supporting evidence, of the fact that development allocations will need to align with
strategic infrastructure delivery and development will need to support and contribute to both strategic as well as local infrastructure provision. Consequently, the Infrastructure Delivery Plan provides little more than an account of progress on the critical strategic schemes. This is not an effective and therefore sound basis for delivery across the whole of the plan period.

It is however necessary to recognise that circumstances in Aylesbury demand pragmatism. The need for Aylesbury Vale District to adopt a Plan as quickly as possible to deal with immediate housing need arising with the indigenous population, and from neighboring and more heavily constrained Districts, is without question. The decision to progress, despite the inability to properly plan for delivery beyond
the early years of the plan period, is supported. The intention, clearly stated in the VALP, to undertake an early review is therefore vital, as is the acknowledgment of the need to address a step change in growth through that review, including consideration of a new settlement as part of the growth strategy. It is this commitment that will allow the Plan to be determined as sound.

For the Plan to be effective and to ensure that it does not, in due course, delay or frustrate the delivery of strategic infrastructure which is fully aligned with and enabled by development, there should be a clear, firm commitment to review within a specified timeframe or, preferably linked to a meaningful trigger for a review and for a corresponding change in the development strategy for the
For the Plan to be effective this commitment should be stated in Policy.

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