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Representation ID: 3390

Received: 16/12/2019

Respondent: Whaddon Parish Council

Legally compliant? No

Sound? No

Representation Summary:

Whaddon PC strongly object to MMo76 Shenley Park Whaddon which did not feature in the November 2019 proposed submission VALP. Whaddon requires the the Inspector to reopen the inquiry hearing sessions on fairness grounds having been denied the opportunity in July 2019. AVDC have not complied with their lehgal duty to cooperate obligations with MKC and Whaddon PC regarding this omission sit. Whaddon has significant concerns regarding the AECOM sustainability appraisal which is unsound and fails to follow government and NPPF guidance especially on landscape transport and bidiversity grounds. This submission explains Whaddon genuine concerns.

Change suggested by respondent:

MMO76 Shenley Park Whaddon (WHA001) should be deleted from the VALP on the grounds that it is fundamentally unsuitable and seriously flawed on landscape transport/highway and biodiversity grounds lacks clarity and detail to make qualified judgement and may prove undeliverable before 2033. WPC believe that the minimum 1150 dwellings should be allocated at Eaton Leys, one of the two alternative site appraised by AVDC

Full text:

Please see attachment.

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