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Representation ID: 3198

Received: 09/12/2019

Respondent: Chocolate Box Coaching

Legally compliant? No

Sound? No

Representation Summary:

-SP not included in original VALP, contrary to NPPF.
- MKC and AVDC have not fulfiled duty to cooperate contrary to PPG para 3-008.
-Impact on countryside, traffic on A421, rat-run through Whaddon, sustainability.
-Easton to be preferred.

Change suggested by respondent:

Policy MM076 needs to be deleted from the VALP before adoption of the VALP occurs. Easton, Bletchley, saldon chase or Newton longville should be considered as a sustainable replacement for Shenley Park. Ideally, sustainable alternative sites should be identified closer to the larger towns within Aylesbury Vale-thereby helping that town;s sustainability and economy, rather than that of Milton Keynes.

Full text:

The Shenley Park (SP) site was not included in the 2017 proposed submission of the VALP. This means that Whaddon Residents were denied of the opportunity to debate and question proposals, contrary to NPPF para 158, 182 and particularly 155. A further hearing must take place to ensure proper comparison between all 3 proposed sites can be made, otherwise this would be entirely unfair and unjust.

I believe that the 2 adjoining authorities have not fulfilled their duty to cooperate-in breach of PPG para 3-008(2014). AVDC has not addressed the strategic housing or would jointly with MKDC as on this as required.
The development would impact substantially and adversely on surrounding landscape, woodlands and wildlife. The North Bucks way would be decimated by roads required.

The current Shenley Road would potentially be cut off, making access from Whaddon to MK grid system tortuous and highly time consuming, adding fuel costs to residents, not to mention extra traffic to the 421, which would become our nearest access. This road already is far too congested. Rat-runing through the village would increase exponentially with further development and potential closure of Shenley Road.
Housing numbers: wording has changed from up to 1150 new houses to at least 1150 houses. The potential for substantially more houses than originally expected would have a devastating effect-increase in traffic, demand for all local services etc.
The concept plan is ludicrously complicated. If residents can not understand proposals, how is consultation fair.?. It is impossible to locate parts relevant to MM076. I do not believe AVDC has thought through the implications of road structure. They say these details will be sorted out at detailed planning stage. This is unacceptable- how can residents form an opinion without all the facts to consider.?
Increased traffic disruption to A421 during lengthy building would bring this road to a stand still.
Eaton hegs should be the choice of site for the new housing. It is obvious infill site, fully contained by A414b bypass, so no encroachment on countryside. It is Y2 within AVDC and MKC. It makes sense to extend the Easton Site.

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