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Representation ID: 3154

Received: 17/12/2019

Respondent: Maids Moreton Conservation Group

Legally compliant? No

Sound? No

Representation Summary:

Unsound and not legally compliant due to assertion in settlement hierarchy that Maids Moreton is a medium village when it isn't. and the allocation of 182 houses at least is disproportionate. Inadequate consideration to the protection of Heritage buildings inconsistent with MPPF para 141.

Change suggested by respondent:

We think MMO006 needs to be removed from the VALP in order to ensure the VALP is sound and legally compliant.

Full text:

This representation is made on behalf of Maids Moreton Coservation Group, a community group representing villagers. Site MMO006 is modified to state 'at least' 170 houses however, we are not, as stated, a medium village and should be classed as a small village. There is a false assertion in the Settlement Hierarchy para 5.16 that we have 6 key criteria when infact it only has 4. Referring to ED228 we should be classed as a smaller village as defined by the Settement Hierarchy para 5.18. For instance our school is only a half junior school.
The allocation of site MMO006 in a small settlement is unsound and not legally compliant, and it is not in line with the assertion in para 41 of the Inspectors Interim Findings in that the Council's capacity-led approach to identify allocations has found wide spread support. This is not the case in this Smaller Village.
MM263 is an allocation of 12 dwellings in this smaller village which raises the total number of proposed dwellings in Maids Moreton to 182. Valp para 4.153 (now para 4.148) illustrates that 170 houses is excessive even for a medium village. For a small village the allocation of 182 houses is hugely disproportionate to the size of the settlement. The allocation of the 12 houses in MM238 alone is adequate for a small settlement.
Further the Maids Moreton Conservation group does not agree with the modifications in MM101 - increasing the size of the plot in MMO006 and no longer limiting the number of dwellings to 170.
We feel that the inaccuracy in the Settlement Hierachy renders the entire allocation of site MMO006 unsound and not legally compliant.
In addition the allocation of this site does not give sufficient consideration to the protection of heritage buildings and so is contracy to NPPF paras 17, 129 ans 132. The allocation is also inconsistent with NPPF para 141.

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