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VALP Further Main Modifications


Representation ID: 4059

Received: 09/02/2021

Respondent: Gleeson Strategic Land

Agent: Nexus Planning Ltd

Representation Summary:

That we support the proposed allocation and note the revised trajectory pushing delivery from the Gleeson site back 1 year to 2025. Whilst we do not object it should be noted that there is a current planning application and we are in regular discussions with the Council. It is therefore possible that delivery would in fact be sooner than assumed but given the numbers are a minimum and not restricted by phasing no objection is raised in that regard.

Full text:

FMM030 – Policy D-AGT2: South West Aylesbury
We would in the first instance reiterate our support for the allocation of land at South West Aylesbury for mixed-use development including at least 1,490 homes. However, to assist the Council / the Inspector, we provide the following comments on the Further Main Modifications to this policy below.

Completions and Expected Time of Delivery
We note that since the VALP was submitted for examination, 129 homes have already been delivered within the D-AGT2 allocation and we support this factual update. We also support the acknowledgement that a further 121 homes will be delivered in the period 2020-2025.

We similarly raise no objection to the revised trajectory for the wider site that would see the remaining 1,240 homes delivered between 2025-2033 i.e. with commencement a year later than previously assumed (given the wider delays to the VALP as mentioned above).

As referenced above, there is a current planning application for the development of up to 1,400 homes on the majority of the allocated site and we are in regular discussions with the Council (as both Local Planning Authority and Highways Authority), HS2 and other key stakeholders.. Good progress is being made in this regard, with HS2’s proposals becoming fixed and an application submitted by the Council for the South East Aylesbury Link Road, which in turn allows the masterplan for the site to be fixed.

Fundamentally therefore, the scheme is well advanced and is ready to progress at the earliest opportunity upon adoption of the VALP. It may be that delivery from this site can in fact commence before the now assumed date in 2025, and for a higher number of homes than is identified. However, as the numbers for this allocation are (rightly) expressed as a minimum, and that the identified delivery is simply an assumed trajectory rather than a phasing restriction (which would be wholly inappropriate and unnecessary), we do not object to the approximate delivery profile identified.

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